Background and Expertise

Founded in Brasília in 1969, Artec is an essential part in the development of the city, always operating with integrity and respect for customers and society. Currently present in 12 states, from north to south of the country, the construction company has diversified its activities to offer strategically appropriate solutions for every need.

Its portfolio highlights works of urban, road, rails and building infrastructure, as well as specialized engineering services in water and sewage systems. Artec adopts practical operating procedures adaptable to the required quality, ensuring compliance with the specifics of contracted projects, as the result of the experience acquired in the 48 years in the market.


The focus is to strengthen the management system to the full satisfaction of our customers. The compliance strategy as well as the ISO 9001:2015 and PBQP-h certifications are part of this process.


Performed its first work outside the Federal District, in Goiânia, with PAVICAP (Superintendência das Obras de Pavimentação Asfáltica da Capital). At the time, performed drainage works were considered a major breakthrough in urban infrastructure of Goiânia and region, with extensive media coverage.


Once again the company has broken boundaries of the Federal District by signing a contract with SABESP (Companhia de Saneamento Básico do Estado de São Paulo), having performed works in the sewage system of the metropolitan region of São Paulo.


The company was a pioneer in providing services and maintenance of water and sewage systems operating in the Federal District and São Paulo, using pipe televising technology and non-destructive methods of construction.


Expanded the sewage system of the city of Natal/RN, building networks, interceptors, emissaries, home connections, pumping stations, treatment plant and stabilization ponds.


The company started to be certified by PBQP-h, level “A” and NBR ISO 9001:2000 quality systems.


Built the New Interstate Highway of Brasília using PPP process.


Built the industrial park of Stemac S/A Grupos Geradores in Itumbiara/GO.


Implemented the larges renovation and expansion in the history of the racecourse in Goiânia/GO, with the construction of a new runway in CBUQ with polymer and geogrid (international standard), paddock, boxes, stands, workshop, multipurpose park, parking lots, armed, high strength concrete runway, drainage system, urbanization, skating rink (international standard), as well as deploying a modern monitoring and security system. In the same year the company began the construction of the largest convention center in the Midwest of Anápolis/GO.


Commenced the works of implementation and expansion of the sewage system of São Luís/MA, which will provide an increase of 4% of 70% of sanitation infrastructure by 2018.


ARTEC is the leading company in two consortiums for the implantation and expansion of the urban infrastructure in the municipality of Águas Lindas de Goiás (GO), benefiting of more than 240 thousand inhabitants.


The rainwater drainage works in the neighborhood of Vicente Pires, in Brasilia (DF), are the dream of thousands of residents in the region and are in full execution by ARTEC, responsible for the largest part of the works.


Is the year when began the elaboration and execution of the construction works of BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) in Campinas (SP), as well as the ETE’s Toledos II in Santa Bárbara D´Oeste (SP) and the ETE Itapecerica in Divinópolis (MG).


The company achieves a record of business partners, expanding its portfolio of contracts and the working regions, with relevant works in the interior of São Paulo, Sergipe and Mato Grosso Sul.


Began to perform its own works, implementing rainwater drainage and sewage systems for NOVACAP (Companhia Urbanizadora da Nova Capital do Brasil), among other projects for public and private clients.


Artec is founded as a producer of concrete artifacts to serve the urban infrastructure market in the Midwest by the name Artec—Artefatos de Concreto Ltda.